Harry Mike Walker is a 88-year-old former senior programmer who enjoys attending museums, worship and watching television. He is generous and smart, but can also be very selfish and a bit greedy.

He is an Afghan Christian who defines himself as gay. He has a degree in computing. He has a severe phobia of fingers

Physically, Harry is in pretty good shape. He is very tall with dark chocolate skin, black hair and brown eyes.

He grew up in a working class neighbourhood. After his mother died when he was young, he was raised by his father

He is currently in a relationship with Cecil Courtney Ward. Cecil is 13 years older than him and works as a novelist.

Harry has five children with boyfriend Cecil: Piers aged 47, Ricky aged 51, Evelyn aged 53, Lara aged 57 and Cayden aged 60.

Harry’s best friend is a former senior programmer called Rose Smith. They have a very firey friendship. They enjoy reading together.